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Chemical Metering Pumps 

Standard Electronic Metering Pump

EXCEL® AD Chemical Metering Pumps

LMI EXCEL® AD Chemical Metering Pumps

Designed to meet your most challenging water treatment needs.
Designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, the EXCEL® AD chemical metering pump gives you improved electro-magnetics to meet your specific flow and pressure requirements, up to 250 psi (17.2 Bar) with capacities between .002 and 2.0 GPH (.8 to 7.6 l/h). The EXCEL AD pump provides industry solutions for more versatile chemical injection with up to 1000:1 turn-down capacity to take control of your application.

This line includes an advanced design fitting system for secure, leak-proof tubing or NPT connections. Every pump comes standard with FASTPRIME™ liquid ends. If pumping off-gassing liquids, select the (optional) AUTOPRIME™ liquid end. High-viscosity liquid ends (optional) are also available for pumping high viscosity liquids.
With an easy-to-read LCD user interface, external pacing, alarms and pulse/4-20 mA input and output capability – the EXCEL® AD pump has the power and flexibility you need to accurately perform in the harshest industrial or municipal environments.


○ Adjustable stroke frequency with the flexibility of up to 1000:1 turndown ratio
○ Universal power supply
○ Double-ball check valves for improved accuracy and reliability
○ FastPrime liquid ends allow you to efficiently prime the pump without depressurizing the    discharge line
○ Digital and analog outputs provide convenient user control interface with remote systems
○ Easy-to-read LCD interface gives you a consistent clear view of content
○ A selection of options allows you to customize pump performance to your application

Standard Features
○ Push button controls
○ LCD user interface
○ Durable and lockable clear cover
○ Theoretical flow rate display
○ NEMA 4X/IP-65 enclosure
○ Industrial grade IP-68 external    signal/equipment interface
○ Selectable alarms (9 Series)
○ Backlit graphical display (9 Series)
○ Separate pulse/4-20 mA input and    output connections (9 Series)
○ Internal/External mode indicated with a    wired output (9 Series)
○ 3-year Warranty
○ UL, CUL, NSF 50, 372, 61, CE    Certifications
Optional Features
○ Four function valve
○ AUTOPRIME™ liquid End
○ High viscosity liquid end
○ Dual low level float switch
○ Digi-Pulse flow monitor
○ Repair & preventive maintenance kits
○ Calibration columns


Output Codes with FastPrime™ Liquid End

Max Capacity:

1 – 0.21 GPH (0.8l/h)
4 – 0.5 GPH (1.9 l/h)
5 – 1.0 GPH (3.8 l/h)
6 – 2.0 GPH (7.6 l/h) 

Max Pressure:

250 psi (17.2 Bar)
250 psi (17.2 Bar)
110 psi (7.6 Bar)
50 psi (3.4 Bar)


The overall versatility and design of the EXCEL® AD chemical metering pump make it an ideal choice in a wide range of industries:

○ Water Treatment
○ Waste Water Treatment 
○ Chemical Processing
○ Food & Beverage
○ Oil & Gas
○ General Industry
○ Power Generation
○ Pulp & Paper
○ Textiles
○ Other – Contact your local representative


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