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Fiberglass Shelters

CSC Custom Structures Corporation Fiberglass Shelter

6’ x 6’ Example Spec

Molded, one piece insulated fiberglass equipment shelters, each 72" X 72" X 84" sidewall height with shallow peaked roof. The access door will be 40" X 80", with stainless steel hardware. All external and internal surfaces will be protected with min 10 mil thickness pigmented gel coat containing UV inhibitor. 

CSC Custom Structures Corporation Fiberglass Shelter

Electrical Equipment Package

The electrical equipment package for each shelter will include an 8" vent fan with eather hood, 12" X 12" backdraft louver, (2) GFIC duplex outlets, 8 branch breaker panel rated 120/240 v, 125 amp in NEMA 3R enclosure, vapor tight incandescent lamp, exterior switches for fan and lamp and 1,500 watt space heater.

Custom detailed products include:
  • Liquid Storage Tanks in cylindrical and rectangular configurations, for storage of water and industrial chemicals,
  • Process Vessels, including pressure-rated designs, applied to specialized industrial, aquarium and aquaculture processes, 
  • Aquarium Display and Holding Tanks, including acrylic viewing panels, 
  • Manhole Structures, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant, traffic or non-traffic rated, many of which include integral metering flumes for flow monitoring stations, 
  • Pump Basins, above or below grade fiberglass construction, with accessories matched to the pump manufacturer’s standard details, 
  • Protective Enclosures, ranging from tip-up hoods to full size buildings, weatherproof, insulated, including heating, ventilating and electrical equipment, as needed, and 
  • Molded Custom Shapes, including sumps, hoppers, hatches, tank covers, troughs, etc.

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