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Sampler Accessories and Options

Teledyne ISCO samplers are exceptionally versatile as well as durable and reliable. Whether you need communications for a remote, off-grid sampling site; the capability to sample from a pressurized line or a centralized monitoring location in your plant; or a way to ensure clean sampling with no bottle washing – we have a solution.

Listed below are some of the more common sampler accessories and options. If you're looking for a particular capability and don't see what you need in this list, please contact us. Our renowned "SPA" department (Special Products and Applications) can build to order for a wide range of specialized requirements.

Sequential Portable Samplers

Teledyne ISCO 674 Rain Gauge

674 Rain Gauge
The ISCO 674 Rain Gauge is a precision instrument that uses a tipping bucket design for accurate rainfall measurement. It has an 8 inch diameter orifice and is factory-calibrated to tip at either 0.01 inch or 0.1 mm of rainfall. With a 674 Rain Gauge connected, an ISCO flowmeter or sampler will...

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Teledyne ISCO ProPak Sample Bags

ProPak Sample Bags
These convenient, single-use sample bags bring a new dimension of productivity to your water and wastewater sampling. Using the patented ISCO ProPak™ sample bag will reduce your sampling costs by eliminating the expense of washing and storing conventional bottles while, at the same time, eliminating worries about contamination from previous samples...

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Teledyne ISCO ProHanger Suspension Bracket

ProHanger Suspension Bracket
The ProHanger™ is designed to provide an easy, secure means of suspending down-hole equipment, eliminating the need to enter a manhole. It’s easily adjustable, and features double wingscrew locks. The low-profile tabs allow manhole covers to be set back in place while remaining flush with the surface...

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Teledyne ISCO Flow-Through Sample Chamber

Flow-Through Sample Chamber
The ISCO high temperature flow-through chamber makes "dipper" type samplers obsolete, and is ideal for large treatment plants with multiple sampling points spread over a large area. This device allows you to eliminate time-consuming trips to retrieve samples from remote monitoring points...

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Teledyne ISCO Pressurized Line Accessory

Pressurized Line Accessory
This accessory was developed to allow sampling from liquid sources with pressure ratings between 10 and 300 psi. Initially, a stainless steel pressure reduction valve decreases source pressure to an acceptable level (10 psi)...

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Teledyne ISCO CDMA Cellular Modem For 6700 Samplers

CDMA Cellular Modem for 6700 Samplers
ISCO 6712 and Avalanche® portable samplers are often deployed in locations that lack utility lines. This cellular modem provides wireless digital communication, reducing the need for costly trips to monitoring sites that are distant and/or difficult to get to, including rural watersheds as well as...

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Teledyne ISCO GSM Cellular Modem for 6700 Series Samplers

GSM Cellular Modem for 6700 Series Samplers
This digital cellular phone modem enables ISCO 6712 samplers (including Avalanche® models) to transmit text message alarms to a text-enabled phone or pager. It also allows the sampler to communicate with a modem-equipped PC for remote data retrieval and control... 

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Teledyne ISCO 1640 Liquid Level Actuator

1640 Liquid Level Actuator
The 1640 Liquid Level Actuator provides a simple, reliable way to trigger an ISCO sampler to begin a sampling routine when the liquid level reaches a predetermined height. The 1640 comprises a conductivity probe that mounts above the stream, a control box that mounts on the sampler, and connecting cable...

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Teledyne ISCO Power Options

Power Options
Teledyne ISCO offers a variety of power options for its instruments, including batteries, power packs, and chargers...

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