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Series J5 12VDC Chemical Metering Pumps

LMI Series J5 12VDC Chemical Metering Pumps

Battery-powered convenience for remote locations.
Energy-efficient and convenient, the battery-operated Series J5 12VDC Chemical Metering Pump offers the same superior features of LMI’s premium line pumps, with the added advantage of remote location operation – no AC power needed.

With a low power consumption that draws just 1.6 amp average (19 watts at maximum speed), a typical 70 amp-hour battery will easily operate the pump for 24 hours at top speed.

Just as rugged as the AC powered models, the Series J5 electronics are housed in a chemical resistance enclosure at the rear of the pump for maximum protection against chemical spillage. This pump is the perfect for chlorine, sodium bisulfate, lime, caustics and acids.


  • Conveniently operates off of any 12-VDC automobile battery  
  • Each unit comes equipped with suction and discharge tubing, foot valve, suction valve and four-function valve with continuous bleed capability for chlorine usage
  • Manual control knobs are readily accessible for adjusting both stroke length and frequency
  • Output volume is åconstantly adjustable during operation from zero to maximum capacity

Standard Features

  • 12VDC power for remote applications where AC electrical power is unavailable
  • Low power consumption (1.6 amp average current draw or 19 watts at maximum speed)
  • Manual or external control for flow proportional applications
  • UL, CUL, NSF 50< NSF 61, CD Certifications
  • 3FV-Three Function Valve

Optional Features

  • Four function valve
  • AUTOPRIME™ liquid end
  • Low level float switch
  • Digi-Pulse flow monitor
  • Repair & preventive maintenance kits
  • Calibration columns


Output Codes with Standard Liquid End

Max Capacity:

J54D – 0.42 GPH (1.6 l/h)
J55D – 1.0 GPH (3.8 l/h)
J56D– 2.0 GPH (7.6 l/h)

Max Pressure:

140 psi (9.7 Bar)
60 psi (4.1 Bar)
20 psi (1.4 Bar)


Because of its convenient battery-powered operation, the Series J5 12VDC is perfect for remote locations where power is unavailable, such as:

  • Remote lift stations
  • Lagoons
  • Solar-powered installations
  • Agricultural
  • Other – Contact your local representative



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