Equipment Rental Service

Sometimes our customers have temporary needs arise that make more sense to rent than to own, due to the short time period of equipment usage. We offer equipment rental for both portable samplers and flow meters.

ISCO GLS portable sampler and 2150 area velocity portable flow meter

Whether it is a storm water site or a flow study, contact us and we'll help you select the right equipment, power options and accessories so that the information you need to gather can be obtained reliably and with ease. 

If you would like us to make a site visit to help with installation or setup and programming etc. We can do this as well. We are familiar with the requirements and general aspects of metering and monitoring and we'd be happy to help you.

Rental FAQ

No. These are what you'll want to get intelligent and accurate results. Area and velocity technology combined as well as the tried and true ISCO meter platform.

Correct, the electronics need to hang up as close to the top as possible. Where there are no ladder rungs or they are too low, or destroyed, we put in a stainless steel loop/eye bolt to hang things from. Meters come with a stainless cable strap with clips.

It would be expected that if they select 15 minute data storage, the batteries would not need replaced. However they may for some odd reason and they would be the City's responsibility if they should. They are off the shelf lantern batteries and we will start you out with good Energizer batteries.

5.1 the standard software with full function. LE is very limited for analysis but totally capable for setup/programming. PRO is for server usage.

One time, it's intended to be a demo liscense to let someone see what they are getting and so forth.

They would still have all of the data in its normal format. The data itself does not ever lock up from usage. It's the software tool that times out. The City owns the software in this case so what they harvest for data would always be useful to them.

There are certainly no hidden costs. That's not how we operate. The rental and our service is intended to get you and your client what you need and reimburse our expenses and services along the way. We try hard to spell out the proposal as plain as possible. Again, that's how we do business.

Yes, the Flowlink is not a cloud based service. But for an additional cost, you can rent the cell module which will allow for the data to be pushed to our server. On the server you would be able to log in and monitor the data 24/7 anywhere you have internet.


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