Calibration & Verification Service

Many of our environmental customers need to maintain annual or bi-annual records of the calibration or verification of their flow meters. 

Teledyne ISCO 4210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

For many years we have provided these services and now have experience with numerous brands and models. Once we have completed the work, we return a report which includes site name and information, notes pertinent to our visit and notation of any adjustments or changes that were made.

Let us know what flow meter you have and we'll be glad to help you!

The meter pictured here is Teledyne ISCO 4210 Ultrasonic Flow Meter. 

Teledyne ISCO 4210 Ultrasonic Program Printed

At the time of calibration we check the program in the meter to make sure that no settings changed since the last time the meter was programed during initial setup and calirbation.

Below is the list of settings we check. It is pictured here on the printed report. 

  • Level units
  • Flow rate units of meausure
  • Totalized volume units of measure
  • Rainfall units of measure (here not measured)
  • pH units of measure (here not measured)
  • Dissolved oxygen units of measure (here not measured)
  • Temperature units of measure (here not measured)
  • Flow conversion type (here weir/flume)
  • Type of device (here flume)
  • Type of flume (here parshall)
  • Size of device (here 6")
  • Maximum head (here 12")
  • Flow rate at maximum head (here 924.5 GPM)
  • Sampler pacing (here disabled)
  • Sampler enable mode (here enabled)
  • Plotter speed (here off)
  • Report generator A (here on)
  • Report A duration (here 24 hr)
Teledyne ISCO 4210 Ultrasonic Level Adjusted

The meter prints the adjustment that has been made to the level. This particular one shows the following record:

14Jan19 15:14 LEVEL ADJUSTED
FROM 2.957 to 3.125 IN


10633 County Road 26
Blair, NE 68008

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