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Product Overview
Aquavx (formerly Antx Aquavx Scout) is a wireless, industrial alarm notification and remote monitoring system designed for industrial, municipal and oil and gas applications. No programming required to make the system available on the network or on the web.
  • Field proven, reliable and cost-effective monitoring solution
  • Standard I/O include digital, analog, relay and Modbus
  • No networks to maintain, no engineering and no programming costs
  • Cloud-based monitoring for mid-sized systems

Multi-System Communication

Peer-to-peer communications between Aquavx systems as well as Aquavx and Messenger W systems enabling system wide controls


Automatic local and remote control functions based on limit set-points and change of state. Peer-to-Peer controls among 2 or more remote sites

Remote Access Management

RemoteIQ™ provides the ability to manage assets remotely using mobile or desktop devices


Run-times/cycles, level, inflow and outflow, rain events to include a complete audit trail of alarm notifications


24/7 technical support for field operations and cloud-based questions


One-year limited warranty for the modem; two-year limited warranty for the board

Local User Interface

View run-times, cycles, levels, flow and totalized flow. Control pumps, view inflow and outflow totals and rainfall rates and volume. Dynamic scrolling display allows you to decide what data is shown on the display. View or change programming on the LCD display and view the event log

Alarm Notifications

One-year limited warranty for the modem; two-year limited warranty for the board


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