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Flowlink® Cipher represents the latest advancement in Teledyne ISCO's Flowlink series​ of data management solutions. Now an advanced cloud-based solution, Flowlink Cipher allows site managers to view and m​anage all data at multiple sites through an easy-to-use and powerful browser-based user interface.

Centralized, secure, cloud-based access to device status, site status, and flow data occurs through desktops, laptops and tablet mobiles devices with no need for client software or mobile apps. With AWS hosting security, there is no better protection from service interruptions or data loss. Advanced user administration provides five levels of access with user profiles including View Only, Editor, Analyst, Site Manager, and Administrator.

Flowlink Cipher is built for speed and accuracy. Adding sites, devices and desired data sets is fast and easy, as is graph creation using drag and drop tools to bring data directly into graphical format. A broad range of controls for graph design and builtin mathematical calculations allows site managers to develop state-of-the-art data analysis with insightful views and reporting without the need for expensive analysts or time-consuming data export and data manipulation procedures.

Manage Multiple Sites Through A Single Interface

Flowlink Cipher Map Screen

View all sites through an informative and interactive maps view to see the color-coded status of each site at a glance. Teardrop point-of-interest (POI) icons identify the location of each site, with blue icons indicating no active alarms, yellow icons indicating no communication, and red icon indicating an active alarm. 

Zoom in on any part of the map and click on any site to see full details. Each site contains a card with information on what is happening at the site and functional controls to execute actions at the site.

Monitor events, devices, and logs; change the tenant of the site; create or edit level-velocity-flow graphs; create, activate, and disable alarms; add text notes to document site-related actions, maintenance requirements, and reminders; review all events logged at the site; drill down into installed devices including model numbers, serial numbers, software version, hardware version, TCP address, and device status. With Flowlink Cipher, managing multiples sites through a single interface is now simpler and faster than ever.​

The Dashboard

The Dashboard Page is an overview of the sites' flow data activity. Quickview of alarm status, and display data summaries of monitored sites. When an alarm is present, the colors indicate the alarm status and alarm details.​​

Flowlink Cipher Site Information
Flowlink Cipher Graph
Flowlink Cipher Alarms
Flowlink Cipher Notes
Site Management Streamlined
Flowlink Cipher Site Screen

Instantly view site name, address, GIS coordinates, manhole number, alarm status, device voltages, time since last data received, and hydraulic conditions. Review events, devices, and logs. 

Quickly access or add documents, pictures, videos, and notes related to specific sites, allowing users to obtain critical data from one centralized platform rather than searching in emails and on disparate servers.

Configure the meta-data points you want to see, such as model numbers, serial numbers, firmware versions, TCP address, device status, and more, with data sent directly to Flowlink Cipher from the connected device. Site auditing is fast and easy with all recorded activity including when the site was created, when datasets were added, tenancy changes, attachments added and removed, when computed bands were added to the datasets, and when data was edited.​

Scatter Plot Analysis
Flowlink Cipher Scatter Plot Screen

Instantly evaluate hydraulic conditions in a reliable and repeatable manner, and ensure the quality of site data sets through scatter plots with best-fit curves automatically generated within Flowlink Cipher.

Remotely detect problems at a glance with highly visible anomalies and/or trends on the scatter plot indicating a need for action. Use the controls within Flowlink Cipher to instantly change a time-series graph into a scatter plot display whenever there are two datasets in one pane in the time-series graph. Use the scatter plot display properties function to adjust point size and point color.​

Productivity and Cost Benefits of Flowlink Cipher

Flowlink Cipher as a cloud-based solution significantly reduces the time and resources required to manage all wastewater-siterelated devices, events, data, and support technicians. With Flowlink Cipher there is no need to be physically on site to identify important events. Data at multiple sites is available at all times from any Internet connection with all relevant information stored and managed through a single, centralized platform. The expanded data-storage capacity now includes photos and videos to enhance site analysis. Time-saving dashboards and map views are easy to configure and are supported by cloudbased analysis tools.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Flowlink Cipher provides world-class security. There is no longer any need to spend additional time, money and resources on unusual efforts to prevent data loss or hacking. Site managers can sleep very well at night knowing they will never be hit with a ransom demand in the morning.

Reduced IT Costs

Information technology costs are greatly reduced with Flowlink Cipher. There is no need to download, install, configure, and support client-side software. Hardware and staffing costs related to setting up and maintaining local servers for flow measurement purposes are also eliminated. Software updates occur automatically in the cloud through resources provided by Teledyne ISCO. The customer's valuable IT resources are thereby free to focus on other mission-critical tasks.​

Data Upload

Flow measurement data from the site is delivered to Flowlink Cipher automatically via a remote cell modem. Data can also be uploaded manually in Flowlink 5.1 data format, or in .csv files.

Browser and Operating System Compatibility

Flowlink Cipher browser access compatibility incudes Chrome, Edge, or Firefox on desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows 10, or through Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android tablets.

​​​For a full list of product specifications, see the brochure.


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