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ICell Cellular Service Program

Hassle-free, budget-friendly cellular service? Come and get it!

ICell Hassle-free, budget-friendly cellular service

When you need a flowmeter or automated sampler that’s durable and adaptable, yet hi-tech and precise, you turn to Teledyne ISCO. Now, when you need cellular service for two-way communication with those units, you can turn to us, too.

Introducing ICell. Dedicated cellular service for ISCO products with set-up, account management and customer service — all from Teledyne ISCO. Just email or call the same number you do for all your flowmeter and sampler needs.

ICell trouble-free communication for modem modules

We’re your one-stop-shop for all your ISCO-related cellular communications, taking the confusion out of finding the right cellular service at the right price.

  • Trouble-free, communication from modem modules used in Teledyne ISCO flowmeters and samplers.
  • Quick and easy connection with LTE speeds.
  • Cost-savings with our volume-discount purchasing power.
  • Backed by 70 years of industry experience.

We’ll walk you through the process to get you running out of the gate.

Think about it: cellular service will be one less thing to think about.

NOTE: ​This service is only available in the USA at this time.

How it works

  • Single source for hardware and cellular service
  • Competitive prices compared to setting up devices on your own — our rates are based on our volume discount
  • Hardware and cellular service can be purchased on a single PO
  • Availability of service on the first day of installment. No more waiting.
  • Single point of contact for pre- and post-sale support and trouble shooting.
  • Get the correct communication (machine to machine) required for the field instrument
  • Annual subscription. Renewal reminder prior to expiration for uninterrupted service.
  • Available for Teledyne ISCO DuraTracker flowmeter, Signature flowmeter, 2100 series and 6712 sampler.
  • Available for new as well as previously purchased Teledyne ISCO communication options.

Ordering Instructions

Part Number                    Description

CELLSERVICE                    First year ICell Subscription for Cellular service

CELLRENEWAL                  One year renewal ICell subscription

NOTE: ​This service is only available in the USA at this time.


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