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Siemens Sitrans FM Mag 5000 Transmitter

The SITRANS FM MAG 5000 is a microprocessor-based transmitter, which is a truly robust all-around solution for a wide variety of applications.

In order to have a complete flowmeter, please combine it with one of the following MAG sensors:

SITRANS FM MAG 1100: Small sizes and wafer design 

SITRANS FM MAG 1100 F: Food and pharma applications

SITRANS FM MAG 5100 W: Water applications

SITRANS FM MAG 3100: Chemical and process applications

SITRANS FM MAG 3100 P: Comprehensive product program

The transmitter can be combined with the energy calculator SITRANS FUE950

Application Examples: water and waste water, general process industry, food & beverage industry


  • Cost-effective transmitter with high performance
  • The transmitter is rugged, suitable for universal applications and has high measurement accuracy
  • Multiple function outputs for process control
  • Display and keypad available in several languages
  • SITRANS FM portfolio – our integrated platform enables flexible use of the MAG 500/ 6000 transmitter for all products (MAG 5100/ 3100/ 1100):
    • Unique SensorProm technology - stores critical, sensor-specific data and passes it to the transmitter. This allows a simple, flexible commissioning of the sensor.
    • Plug & Play - allows easy on-site replacement and commissioning of the transmitter in just minutes
    • "Hot swapable" - exchangeable during operation
    • Mounting flexibility - compact or separate installation possible
    • Validated calibration ensures accurate flow measurement. Each Siemens flowmeter is calibrated in facilities that are individually accredited to ISO / IEC 17025.
    • Service and diagnostics - Designed for MAG on-site verification with traceable certification. Regular calibration of the SITRANS FM Verificator ensures accuracy in the field


Accuracy 0.4 % ±1 mm/s
Input / output1 current output
1 digital output
1 relay output
 DisplayBackground illumination with alphanumeric text, 3 x 20 characters
Enclosure IP67 (NEMA 4x/6)
IP20 (NEMA 2)
Power supply 12-24 V a.c./d.c.
115-230 V a.c.
 Ambient temperatureFrom -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122 °F)
Ex-approvalsFM/CSA Class 1, Div 2

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