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With a Primary Measuring Device (Flume or Weir)

Pulsar Ultra 5

Ultra 5

Non-contact level, pump control and flow measurement 
Ultra 5 provides flexible and reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level and volume measurement, advanced pump control, and measures open channel flow, with different mounting options available to suit the application. The Ultra 5 features the Ultra Wizard, an onboard, menu-driven software tool that allows the user to quickly and simply set up an Ultra 5 unit for a specific application.

Using a 'Quick Setup' menu, specific to the application, it allows parameters such as empty and full distances and alarm/control relay settings to be entered. The Ultra Datalogger provides all wall mounted Ultra Controllers with data logging functionality, recording a wealth of information onto the supplied 8 GB Micro SD card, enabling the user to log data for the lifetime of the product.
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Pulsar Ultra Twin

Ultra Twin

Dual-channel ultrasonic measurement
The UltraTWIN offers an opportunity to combine ultrasonic level/volume monitoring, pump control, or open channel flow measurement in a 2-channel ultrasonic system. Each channel is user-configurable to operate independently either as a full-function open channel flow monitor - calculating flow rates, a pump control system, or as a level and volume monitoring unit for liquids or solids - calculating volumes and providing alarms.

A powerful data logging solution can be added to the UltraTWIN system, offering Pulsar’s PC Ultra Log Software which records and charts data and trends in an easily accessible form. The controller may also be upgraded to include RS485 communications, Modbus, or Profibus DPV0 or V1 protocols. 
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Pulsar Ultimate Controller

Ultimate Controller

Combines ultrasonic level and flow Measurement
The Ultimate Controller is your ‘one-stop solution’ for small pump station control. The Ultimate is a control system that combines ultrasonic level, flow measurement, RTU, and advanced pump control in one economic, easily programmed, modular unit with a dedicated web server remote control and touchscreen HMI with integrated WITS protocol. This unit is modular and expandable, with peripherals offering unlimited I/O, pump power monitoring, and even a remote infra-red camera allowing real-time viewing of your application. The Ultimate Controller is designed to offer the end-user end to end and operational cost savings by high energy cost avoidance, pre-blockage detection, automatic resets, and the selection of the most efficient pump. Capital cost saving by combining HMI, PLC, RTU, and level control with no costly logic programming.
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Pulsar dBMACH3


The dBMACH3 and the dB3 with Double Sun Shield are the same trustworthy dB Transducers our customers know and love. However, these transducers have been specifically designed for flow measurement - with the dBMACH3 being the first ultrasonic transducer with zero effective blanking distance. The dB3 with Double Sun Shields adds some extrasolar radiation protection to the transducer to ensure that the internal temperature can be utilized, ensuring that measurement is as accurate and reliable as possible.
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Pulsar Ultrasonic dB Transducer Series

Ultrasonic dB Transducer Series

The dB ultrasonic range of transducers ranges from 3 m (9.8 ft) measurement range right up to 50 m (164 ft) measurement range and provide a reliable level, volume, open channel flow, pump control, and differential measurement, within both liquid and solids applications. The sensors benefit from highly accurate and repeatable ultrasonic technology and a low power design with standard interconnecting cables - producing extremely high acoustic power to give exceptionally high results in a wide variety of challenging applications.

The non-contacting design of the transducer means they can be fitted with zero interruption to service, and there’s no time-consuming maintenance needed. We offer a wide range of options for our transducer range to suit the application. For example, a shield can be fitted during manufacturing to keep the transducer face clean and dry in applications at risk of submergence, PVDF versions of transducers are available for applications where there are chemicals present, and many more.

All dB Ultrasonic Transducers and dBR Radar Transducers are retrofittable with the Pulsar controller range, so if the needs for your measurement change, your measurement system won’t have to.
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Pulsar dBi HART Intelligent Transducers


Intelligent Transducers
The dBi HART series is a range of self-contained, intelligent, non-contacting, ultrasonic level measurement transducers, which take advantage of HART communication protocols which makes plant integration simple. The transducers can be programmed as stand-alone devices, using HART as the mechanism for data collection, via the dBi HART PC interface.

To add to the dBi’s capabilities, Pulsar Measurement also offers a Device Type Manager (DTM) meaning that users can communicate with the dBi HART Transducers using FDT framework applications such as PACTware. Benefitting from world-leading DATEM technology, the transducer is able to zero in on the echo from the true target, ignoring the stationary echoes from other elements in the measurement path; eliminating the commonly seen loss of echo problem.
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